Removing stains can be a tricky task. We are regularly confronted with stains. How can different type of stains be removed?

This section explains different solutions for all sorts of stains.

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Avocado or guacamole stains are sometimes hard to remove. In this tip some possibilities can be found to remove these stains.
Ballpoint ink stains are sometimes hard to remove from clothing. Big stains with ink soaked in are the biggest challenge to clean.
In the summertime many people have a barbecue addiction. Where there is barbecue there will be stains.
Beer will always get spilled. On parties, at concerts, pub or whereever, beer will always get on clothing. It is said that beer does not leave stains so nothing to worry about with beer stains.
Once blood has dried and settled in the clothing it is harder to remove. In order not to speed up the blood coagulation it is important only to use cold water.
Many people like chocolate. Unfortunately, chocolate is easily spilled, causing stains on clothing.
In general, coffee stains can be removed without a problem, providing the stain is treated right away.
One of the most consumed soft drinks is cola. It is not surprising that occasionally this leads to stains.
Because the cream is applied on the face it is easily transferred to clothes. Cream stains can be removed easily.
Eggnog consist out of eggs, milk, cream, sugar and alcohol. It is a tasty milk-based beverage. Stains made by eggnog are easy to remove.