Planting pondplants

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Plants are an attractive and important part of a pond. Plants keep the water clear, provide shadow and are useful for different animals in the water.


Aquatic plants will not only enhance the beauty of a pond, they will also reduce maintenance and create crystal clear water conditions.

Benefits of aquatic plants:

  • Plants absorb ammonium, nitrates, and phosphates They will act as supplemental filtration .
  • Plants also assimilate other undesirable substances, such as metals, from pond water which will improve the quality of the water.
  • Supply food and shelter for fish.
  • Compete with algae through the intake of essential nutrients, while shading the pond from light.
  • Help to keep a good biological balance.
  • Help to prevent the water from overheating.


The best time to place the plants in the water is when the temperature outside is above 15°C (59°F). Before that, the water is too cold for the plants. If the plants are to be placed in a new pond or a pond which has been refreshed with cold water, please allow the temperature to rise for a couple of days. The plants need to be kept moist after purchase and should be placed in the pond as soon as possible. Because pond plants can expand rapidly it is advised to place them in an aquatic basket. This will prevent the plants from overgrowing the pond. Plants which need to be on the bank of the pond can be planted earlier.

Use the following steps when placing the plant in an aquatic basket.

  • Unless the basket have a very fine mesh, they should be lined with hessian or polypropylene fabrics to prevent soil washing from the basket.
  • Put a layer of soil in the basket and place the plant in the middle.
  • Fill the rest of the basket with soil and cover it with the hessian or polypropylene fabrics when used. Apply a thin layer of grit or fine gravel to prevent fish from stirring up the soil and from soil washing out.
  • Moisten the soil and place the basket in the pond.
  • Important: Take care of the correct dept for the plant. Adjust the dept with a stack of stoned if needed.