Sunscreen stains

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Nowadays it is not wise to be exposed to the sun without sunscreen Sometimes it is necessary to apply an extra amount of sunscreen. Chances are that sunscreen will get on clothing. In this tip several options are given to remove these stains.


  • Treat the stains with perchloroethylene ( "PERC"). Dab the stain with a cloth with perchloroethylene on it This way the biggest part of the stain will be removed. Rinse the clothing with lukewarm water and wash it in the machine.
  • Green soap is a good remedy against sunscreen stains. Mix the green soap with hot water and soak the clothing for about an hour. After soaking the stain can be brushed with a soft brush. Usually this is sufficient to remove the stain. Finally wash the clothing in the machine.
  • Spray dishwasher rinse aid on the stain, in case of light coloured clothing, and wash it in the machine. All stains should be removed this way.