Coffee stain

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In general coffee stains can be removed without a problem, providing the stain is treated right away. In this tip a few possibilities are given to remove the stains from clothing, carpet, and other surfaces.


Remove coffee stains from clothing

  • Coffee stains can be treated by soaking them in lukewarm water to start with. In many cases this will be enough. If a stain is still visible it can be treated with a liquid detergent or stain remover. Afterwards the clothing can be washed in the washingmachine.
  • Older stains can be treated at first with glycerine which can usually available at the drugstore.

Take care of treating delicate fabrics according the instructions of the fabric. Not all fabric can be machine washed or receive the same treatment.

Remove coffee stains from other material than clothing

  • Smooth surfaces can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. If the stain is older than it can be a bit more work to remove it. If necessary, use a cleanser.
  • Removing spilled coffee from a carpet is not as easy as removing it from clothes. The brown colour can be treated by using glycerine, this will break down the colour. Afterwards clean with water and ammonia. Place some newspaper under the carpet if possible. These will absorb the water. Let the stain dry without stepping on it.
  • Fresh lemon juice is an alternative to remove the stains in carpet.
  • Pour some sparkling water on the stain and dry with a clean towel.