Tea stains in clothing

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Tea stains can be quite persistent. This may be due to the material of the clothing but also to the time the stain is in the clothing. This tip explains a few options to remove old as well as fresh tea stains.


  • A slice of lemon gives the tea a refreshing taste but it also makes the colour of the tea lighter. This happens as well when lemon juice is applied on a tea stain. The citric removed the dye from the stain. Sprinkle some fresh lemon juice on the stain right after the tea is spilled. Let it soak for about a minute and rinse the clothing with luke warm water.
  • Older tea stains are harder to remove. Best way to remove these stains is by using a liquid stainremover.
  • Treat the stain with ammonia and wash it by hand. This method works best for uncoloured cotton and linen, wool and silk. Nylon can best be just rinsed with warm water and washed by hand.