Cat urine

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One of the most annoying stains are those of cat-urine. The smell is repulsive in particular.

A few methods for removal of these stains have been provided. It is not always easy to permanently remove the smell and it is of course harder to remove it from a couch or carpet than from a piece of clothing.

  • Clean the spot with lukewarm soapy water. After the spot is cleaned it needs to be patted with some alcohol in order to prevent the cat to urinate on the same spot again.
    Instead of alcohol also white vinegar can be used.
  • Soak clothing for about an hour in detergent. The detergent usually breaks down certain substances. Afterwards the clothing can be put in the washer and washed as regular. This should remove the odour.
  • Before removing the stain and smell from a couch or carpet make sure all urine is removed first. This can be done with some tissues. Once this is done, fill a spray bottle with 3 parts white vinegar and 1 part hot water with some all-purpose cleaner. Spray the mixture on the spot, making it moist and not soaking wet. Leave the mixture on the spot for about 15 minutes and dry it with a blow dryer.
    Once the smell of vinegar is gone, also the urine smell will have disappeared.


Always try the tips out on a spot which is not clearly visible.