Strawberry stains

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Strawberries can leave ugly stains on clothing. It is best to treat these stains as fast as possible. The longer the strawberry stain stays on the clothing the deeper it penetrates the clothing.

In first instance it is needed to remove as much pulp as possible without rubbing too hard. Rubbing will make the stain penetrate the clothing and removal will be harder.

There are a few ways to remove the stain:

  • Place the clothing in a lukewarm soapy water. This should be sufficient if done soon after the stain occurred. If this does not work, then dip the stain with water and ammonia.
  • An alternative method is to smear the stain with shaving cream or shaving soap. Let it soak for a while and then wash the clothes.
  • If a stain is new, then pouring boiling hot water over it can help to remove the stain instantly. This does not work with old stains.
  • Strawberry stains can be removed by soaking the clothes in milk for a day, after which it can be washed.