Urine stains in clothing

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Some accidents are waiting to happen. Urine stains can make clothing smell bad and the stains are sometimes hard to remove. This tip shows a couple of options to remove urine stains.


Urine in clothing

  • One of the most used ways to remove urine stains is by rinsing with cold water. Apply a special stain remover on the stain after the rinsing is finished. Let it soak for a while and wash it in the machine. It is best to wash the clothing separately.
  • A different method is by soaking the clothing for a couple of minutes in a mixture of one spoonful of PerBorate Sodium salt (PBS), one spoonful ammonia(azane) and one liter of water. Wash the clothing in the machine afterwards.

Urine in other material than clothing

  • To clean carpet and mattresses it is best to use a detergent containing enzymes. First clean the surface with water containing sodium carbonate and clean with the special detergent afterwards.
  • Urine stains can be removed by using a mixture containing water, soap and a dash of white vinegar.