Cream (make-up) stains

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This tip describes a couple of ways to remove stains caused by day cream, night cream of similar types of cream.

Because the cream is applied on the face it is easily transferred to clothes. Cream stains can be removed easily. The best way to remove them is by using acetone.

Despite the fact that nail polish contains acetone it should not be used. Nail polish can ruin clothing. The acetone which can be used is available at a drugstore. Dab the stain with acetone which has been applied to a clean cloth.

Important: Do not use acetone on synthetic clothing but only on natural materials like wool or linen.

If there is no acetone available, then it is best to use substances which breaks down fat. Cream usually contain greasy ingredients. A basic dishwashing detergent is usually sufficient for treating greasy stains. Let the detergent soak for a while and then rinse under the tap.